Monday, August 25, 2008

... sigh ... MONDAY :(

No knitting for me today. :( Although, I did some this weekend.... I'm feeling pretty craptastic at the moment so I decided to skip out on most activities tonight. I started a pair (yes, a PAIR! 2 at a time!) of socks... It's my first time trying it this way so hopefully that works out and I start finishing quicker. I also worked on Luke's scarf quite a bit this weekend. There's still a ways to go, but I'm thinking I might actually finish it in time for Christmas. HA! I'm going to bed now. I don't care if it is 8:30 and that's considered lame by some people. I'm exhausted

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Post

I've been working slowly towards completion of my 2 scarves. Which are now currently my only WIPs.... I had to either frog the others or put them into a deep hibernation. I am determined to get both my lacy ribbon scarf and Luke's slytherin scarf done before Christmas. More than likely, I'll keep my lacy ribbon scarf for myself but decided that it needed a deadline too. BUT Luke's scarf HAS to be finished in time for this Christmas, sooner if I can help it. It's been OTN for far too long. However, I did order new needles, and as soon as those get here I'm starting on some new socks! wii! We'll see how that interferes with my new "must finish scarf" resolve. lol

That's it for now... I'll upload pictures of my WIPs eventually.