Monday, December 27, 2010

No Knitting - Only Running :)

I have been ill and unable to breathe and I am finally feeling better. I have signed up (along with the rest of my family) to run a 5K for the Make-a-Wish foundation.

This is a cause that is very important to me for so many reasons.

First of all I need the motivation to get running again. So that I can continue to be healthy and help myself on several levels.

Second of all 10 and a half years ago I lost my younger cousin to cancer. It was her second time battling the disease. To say losing her merely affected me is an understatement. I was devastated. I loved her like a little sister and I still hold her very close to my heart. I've seen the wishes granted and the miracles that this foundation has performed. I'm running for me, and I want to raise money as well. I've made several donations to other runners and the foundation in general. I've set my personal fundraising goal at $200. If any one is willing to even spare $1.00 I'd greatly appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart.

My Donation Page

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bah F@#$ing Humbug

I'll preface my Christmas loathing on the fact that I am in fact a Jewish person with friends and family that I think I still love that are all into Christmas and I respect that. But my winter holiday has come and gone and I played dreidel and I had latkes and I lit my candles (and got lit myself)... I got a tv. I got some aweome beyond belief kitchen supplies from my bff and enjoyed my Jew-dom. My little brother even brought me cookies.

On other notes during Chanukkah I decided to participate in the BSG groups selfish sweater cowl and cast on my very own Shalom Cardigan. I'm very proud of my first ever sweater. Regardless of how easy it is.

I was flying on it too, but that other pesky winter holiday that likes to vomit tacky all over my office and neighborhood and everyone really and I realized I had Karl's scarf to finish. I'm 1/4 done.

I also realized that this stack of yarn needs to be turned into 3 hats. Knitting will be done on lunch breaks.

*sigh* Stupid "Other" holiday.

Bah ! Frakking humbug!

All I want to be knitting are (rav links):  Encompass, Stockholm Scarf, Reunion Cowl (which I started - barely) and GAP-tastic cowl

BTW -- These large circle scarf cowls are my new all time obsession