Sunday, January 31, 2010

Excellent ...

I did have this fabulous plan of how I was going to blog more and how that was going to show off my knitting that I had been accomplishing and how I ha gotten so much done... and well, that worked out not so well. Not well at all. I haven't finished anything. I haven't even accomplished much, really. Seriously.

Here's how the week pretty much went: I knit pretty furiously and exclusively on herbivore (Which I decided to title segosaurus rex... get it? they were herbivore dinos... ROFL) for Sunday and Monday... THEN tuesday I was sick... REALLY sick. Then Wednesday Mauricio was kind of sick, and he was home from work and I knit much less when he's home with me at night. Thursday I spent out with Mauricio's mother ... Then Friday I was so tired from a week of diseases and being out and the nerves and drama involved in the planned termination of an employee for Friday morning that I pretty much was useless at night. Today I ran errands and went to Maddy's birthday party. :D

Anyways, I'm REALLY hoping to finish up my herbivore tomorrow and have an FO. Then I'll go back to socks... Boy, do I need to use this ever growing sock yarn stash. Mauricio just now realized that the majority of my yarn was sock yarn... All I could say was, "Yea, but I don't have to use ALL of it for just socks, I could make more stuff" ...

To close this out here's a picture (I hate blogging without a picture) of my newest yarn. It's the benefit of being some of the only people in town that a 6 year old knows, we get party favors. AND I got Eleanor Rigby Sock yarn. It's pretty and Beatles named and MCN. I love it! :D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Please Don't Leave Me Blog

Dear Blog,

I am very sorry that I have neglected to write you in what feels like ages. I've been a bit busy, and a bit crazy, and a bit obsessed with other things on the internet. I know this is sort of beginning to sound like a "Dear John" letter, but trust me it s not. ;)

There have been a few rather serious things complicating my writing. I've not had any amazed finished object or awesome knitting to proudly show off. I've gotten new yarns (A LOT of new yarns, in fact) but those pictures go straight to ravelry's stash page. In addition to that I've just not been on the computer at all when I get home form work.
Blog, I am deeply sorry. I know what neglect can do to an entity. I never meant to hurt you in that way.


P.S. In closing, I leave you with this photo of 6 skeins of Wollmeise (I told you I've been stashing) to show you my love. <3


In all seriousness. I've not been on the computer much. I'm starting to get ready for some ravelympics so I've got 2 current WIPs on hold until that starts (Mauricio's socks and Percy). And I'm planning on some sock hockey knitting. I will have my new "MIGHTY MONARCH" socks when that happens.

I do have 2 NEW (and EXCITING!) projects: the BFF socks for my BFF Ronni in Ronni's Jewel Box. (She's making some for me in Lucy in the Sky. Why, yes, we are that awesome, try not to die from the jealousy that you're BFF isn't as AWESOME as my BFF.)

The 2nd project, which mostly just further showcases the awesomenes of Ronni some more is a ''Herbivore.' I had a really bad day and she gifted me the pattern. :D I'm doing that one in Mal Sock in Persia.