Monday, February 28, 2011


I had a rough few weeks Supergirl knitting definitely cheers me up. She probably can knit at super speed too. Wouldn't that be AWESOME?

As far as my knitting goes, I've got nothing. ;)

I do have a swap box going out today though.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Laundry Day

Socks Hanging Out
I did all my handwashing this morning. I just love the look of all my hand-knit socks hanging up to dry. :) The picture was so cute I decided to blog.

When I was washing and then hanging them up I had the thought of "I really need to knit myself more socks. I love these." Then IMMEDIATELY grumbled. I still haven't gotten the "sock-knitting-mojo" back. I'm sure it'll get there. I've been trying to get myself to spend a certain amount of time each day on sock knitting. As in "okay while I watch this 45 min episode of [insert TV show here] I'll ONLY work on this/these socks. Hopefully a sock will be done soon. ;)

While I'm waiting to catch sock-knitting-itis, I've definitely been hit with start-itis. I CO My So Called Scarf in my Manos. I'm not loving it though. It's not giving me the look that I wanted for a solid scarf. I am 90% I'm going to frog this and re-start with a different pattern. When I did some pattern searching I really like all of these (ravelry links):

Prismatic Scarf
Parallel Lines
    At any rate I'm sure that I'll be frogging and restarting with one of those three patterns. I've been thinking about the Prismatic and Parallel Lines as options for a while. I only discovered Striata recently. It looks a lot like the Prismatic scarf so that may be why I like it so much.

    I'm off to enjoy my holiday day. We're having "Brinner" tonight as a popular request by Logan. I've also got some errands to run. YAY! Three day weekend.

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    A Multitude of Posts all in one

    I've been meaning to blog about 4+ times in the past few weeks. BUT instead I've been tested by the fates and set through the gauntlet. I had some family problems. Plenty of car problems. An unexplained illness. A family tragedy/issue. Work drama and stress up to past my eyeballs.

    To those of you who have sent virtual hugs either via Ravelry forums, PMs, texts, comments, tweets, etc. You are greatly appreciated. I was definitely in need of some major huggage. I love you all and I appreciate the hugs.

    First up I finished my Gap-Tastic Infinty Scarf cowl. And it is AWESOME
    And super versatile. That's me wearing it 5!!! ways. I've been wearing it around the house at night it's been a bit chilly. It's not really that chilly, my giant cowl is just SUPER comfy.

    Second up: I have conquered, or at least won the first battle with stranded colorwork. I knit myself an Opus Spicatum. It's a wonderful pattern and it made a beautiful beret. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have my hair cute and can get some photos of me actually wearing it. I love it. Right now it is blocking. I *MAY* have enough leftovers in these two colors to make matching herringbone mittens, but we'll have to do some weighing measuring/waiting to see on that development.
    For inquiring minds I used leftovers/scrsps of Malabrigo Worsted in Jewel Blue and Marine Blue. I did follow the suggestions of other Ravelers and did 2 extra repeat of rows 16-19 for more slouch. I'm loving the slouchy hats lately. I also took A TON of WIP photos for this project so you can check those out either here via Ravelry or here via Flikr.

    I actually mesed this up a little bit by reading the chart backwards, which really only resulted in one row beng SLIGHTLY screwy, but honestly you can't tell. I do have one LITTLE trick for when I get to the DPN portion of hats and my 'beginning of the round marker' doesn't stay in place. I have all these old BOYE aluminun DPNs and I always use a different color for the first one. So that's how I know to knit the next row, I'm at the blue DPN. Or at least it was blue in the case. It's not always blue, it works like a charm though. It saves me plenty of headaches. Especially on the rare occasion where I get bored and weave in ends before I'm finished.

    Third up: I bought a second Namaste needle case to separate out my "sock knitting" circs from my "other circs." Then I decided to organize them to night. I'm not sure the sock sizes are in the right pockets. I REALLY need a needle gauge that can tell the difference between 2.5 mm and 2.75 mm and so on.

    I took pictures though! And I'm still happy with my end result!

    Messy Needles

    Sock Needle Mess vs. Easily Organized Not-Sock Needles
    My Sock Needles are a P.I.T.A.
    All Organized
    Dark Pink is US 4/3.5mm +
    Light Pink is US 1/2.25mm to US 3/3.25mm
    (Don't ask me about 0s I'll laugh at you. I knit to tight to ever need 0s)

    These last two pictures just show off my nice labels. I love labels. <3

    So now my new goal is to keep these nice and organized.

    I have one more thing to blog about!

    A long while ago I got this AWESOME pair of 10" wooden straight needles from Carrie/Dharmafey as part of the nefarious club. They were size 5, and I've used them every opportunity that I've had to use them; I LOVE them. Anyway, I found the seller on etsy and splurged a bit to buy myself an entire set of her 10" needles. The price included a needle roll. She was seriously the fast etsy shipper EVER. I ordered Friday afternoon. Had a delivery confirmation number Friday night and my needles were here Monday. If your looking for a a great new etsy shop to stalk I definitely recommend her: Lambsears. She will not disappoint. See how pretty my new needles are??? She also send me a sample of her Peace Fleece I intend to knit a little something with that and maybe review it to get her even more good reviews. I'm obsessed with handspun right now and she really does have some PRETTIES in her shop.

    Im actually so enamored with these needles I'm thinking of pulling out my BLUE manos wool (which I have slightly less than 2 skeins of after Scarf Travels) and knitting into a pretty Prismatic Scarf. Unless someone else has a better scarf suggestion. I've also got this awesome handspun that I got in my 'Have a Cuppa' swap that I'd like to knit into something. Just as long as I can use my pretty new needles!

    My new GORGEOUS handspun
    So Scarf suggestions for my BLUE manos or handspun are greatly appreciated. (As log as I can use my new needles with them. AND mostly mindless is good. I've been coming home from work EX-HAUS-TED!)

    I'll be off the 'net this weekend but I do check my comments/some rav/some emails through my phone when I get bored. SO COMMENT! Give me inspiration.

    Currently listening to: Death Cab for Cutie 
    They had the 'sound' I needed this evening.

    Also follow me on twitter! I mostly tweet random geeky things, comic things and some knitting. Lucyfer97

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    Musical Inspiration

    I started this post as my project for a BSG FPB ready room on Ravelry, but I sort of liked the way it sounded, so I'm blogging it too. After cleaning up the original post, anyways. I actually had formatting trouble and lost my first post. :(

    I really love music. I’m not musical at all but I listen to music with everything. I listen to a lot of different music. I've been to a lot of concerts. I even used to interview bands. I obsess over music. I’m always listening to music. There are books I’ve read that in my head have albums that are basically playlists because I kept on repeat all while I read. Oddly enough, most of those seem fitting matches too.

    I also became obsessed this winter with the big loopy cowl (just ask Ronni I was a crazy person). I’ve been resisting casting one on since probably October. I love them. They're just so neat looking and versatile.

    I recently started following Zooey Deschanel on twitter. (Actually I just recently got on twitter, I resisted that for a long time too.) That led e to start listening to her music (band? IDK what they call it). I was kind of non-stop listening to She & Him for a long while. This song in particular got a lot of play time:

    After listening to this song (and the album it’s on) about 25 times I realized that I was so obsessed with this one song in particular because within one of my yarn cubbies this long forgotten stashed yarn (Lamb's Pride Bulky in Blue Magic) and this pattern (the Gap-tastic cowl) were singing:
    Why do you let me stay here All by myself?

    Why don’t you come and play here? I’m just sitting on the shelf
    Over and over all I could hear drawing me to the yarn and the pattern was:

    I’m just sitting on the shelf

    Next thing I knew I was pretty much involuntarily knitting the Gap-tastic Cowl and humming this song while I did. I’m almost through the second skein of yarn. I have 3+ skeins, but I kind of think it might be wide enough with 2 skeins.

    I left my desk kind of messy so you can see my iPods, proving my music obsession… and my Stitch-Yoda…. And my other crap. LOL My desk maybe isn't the cleanest place.