Friday, February 8, 2013


Sometimes it's awesome to make something for someone. I suppose it's always awesome. But then sometimes you mail them their hat and they rip open the package you sent them enthusiastically while texting you to say thanks. And in those times it's when you KNOW you're hand made gift wasn't a waste of time.

And then sometimes they tweet about it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's the yarns fault

This morning I got a foot up on my February socks. I know I was supposed to wait until February. And I was supposed to work on either of my WIPs. ...

But this morning, still dazed and half asleep I grabbed my February yarn (socks that rock lightweight in foofaraw) and my February pattern (Kaylee by Gigi Silva) and sat down, rationalizing that I'd only knit the toe and then go back to the WIPs.

Well obviously that didn't happen. Poor Aynsley will be waiting forever for her socks. Though I did knit a fair bit on those this last week. I'm well into the leg of sock #1.

Maybe I'll only work on the "me" socks on weekends. If the yarn doesn't keep insisting otherwise.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year

Lets see since I last blogged what has happened....

In no necessary order: I got a job as a temp. Transitioned from temp to full-tie employee (yay!). Celebrated the holidays (if not the way I would have wanted but whatever). I've had visitors. I've explored. There's a lot things that happened. A lot of fun. A little bit of bad, but it's all working out.

I will say I'm definitely happy to have a full time job now. It feels a lot better than being a temp.

Here's a few photos for what I've been up to in the past 4-5 months...
(These are in no real order, truthfully)

 Knitting-wise (since that's supposed to be the point of my blog) I've been semi-busy. Mostly knitting socks. I've got a sock bug right now and don't really want to knit on anything else. It's not a bad bug to have though. Look at my pretty sock drawer!

I've also got a Romi shawl on the needles, that I need to devote more time to. I just keep preferring to knit my socks instead.
Zephyr Cove
yarn is cosmic fibers lyra in two DEXTER colors
The link will take you to my Ravelry project page
I had a stressful bit of December where I decided to dive into the malabrigo stash and make myself a Cairn set. Which I think turned out lovely. I'm planning on making myself a scarf with the remaining hollyhock that I have (~2.5 skeins).

I've also put myself into a "self-imposed sock club" this year. I love sock clubs, but right now, I literally have no money to spend on them. I also have quite a large stash of sock yarns that I need to get using. So I sat down on New Years Eve, paired some yarns with some patterns and wrote it down. I also printed any patterns that needed printing and balled all of the yarns. So hopefully, they'll make for a quick grab of projects.
Self-Imposed Sock Club yarns
So far, so good. My january socks are done!

Until February rolls around I'm going to try and work on my WIPs. (Zephyr Cove and socks for Aynsley.) ... I really just want to start my next pair of socks though.