Thursday, November 1, 2007

I've made some knitting progress!

I survived having 2 tests on Monday... And I did extremely well on one of them, the other isn't graded yet. Anyway I have some time to sit down and actually make a post with pictures showing my progress on a bunch of different things. I'm even going to go do some shopping today to get things for my knitters coffee swap 3 package so that I can send it off soon. I'm still not 100% what I'm going to do, so I'm hoping to get inspired at the store today. Now on to my current knitting projects.

First I've finished my caron blisss stitch scarf. I really didn't think that I would actually finish this, but I guess since it was an easy stress free knit that I could take places with me (and I could work on while I watched tv) it got done quicker than I thought that it would. I really love it. It's soft; it's long; it's wide; it's reversible; it's in my favorite color. It's perfect. Plus I finished a scarf, so I'm really excited about doing that! Normally it would take me FOREVER to finish a scarf. I think it being a bulky weight yarn on size 11 needles contributed to it being finished quicker as well.

The other project that I've made some progress on is my hatmione. I started this on a whim one day, even though I really shouldn't have since I have tons of other knitting projects to finish, and about a million other things to do with school and moving and finding a new job. But I started it anyway in spite all of this. Yesterday I finished all the ribbing for the brim and did the first few rows of the cabling pattern. I like the hat, and I like the pattern. Sometimes it doesn't look right to me though. I debated frogging this several times, but didn't really have a good reason to so I'm powering through it. I think it's partially because the brim seems SO LONG because it's going to get folded; it's just not folded now. Anyway that's that.

I've noticed I've been using a lot of reds and oranges. I think I want more colors. ;)

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