Sunday, May 25, 2008

Updates: A new yarn, a new swap, and an old hobby makes a comeback

I've graduated college, FINALLY. I have been the busiest I think I ever was in the last few weeks. It was not my best semester grades-wise, but I'm done. I'm finished and I passed everything, and that is what really counts in the long run.

A LONG time ago during all of my craziness of graduating and having a grad party and finals and .... so on and so forth I got the second installment of the Nefarious club. It's Mme. Defarge, who is a character in a Charles Dickens book. (I can't remember which, a Tale of Two Cities maybe. I've never read Dickens, and I've never really wanted too.) Despite that I've never read the book, and I don't care for Charles Dickens the yarn is absolutely beautiful, as always. 
I joined HSKS5, which I wasn't sure I was going to do. Mainly because I was so busy I couldn't see myself having the time, but then I realized, DUH, most of the swap takes place after school is finished. So I can totally do it. I switched houses and went down the dark side (but not really). I'm slytherin this time instead of Ravenclaw. I like my partners they both seem rather nice. My spoilee in particular is awesome. I've sent her a large amount of emails.  She's actually my age, which is pretty cool. (So for the duration of HSKS5, if I haven't blogged a lot it's because I'm using my "character blog" dobbysmyhero.)

The last thing I've started doing is making row counter bracelets. When I was younger I loved beading, so I have TONS of supplies for and I kept seeing the bracelets and thinking they were cute, so I decided to make some of my own. I have a slytherin colored one, which I believe is rather large and a ravenclaw one that I made, but put one too many "1" beads. I'll probably do something to fix the two of them, but I am rather impressed with the results. 
I think that I'll be trying to make some more too. Although I need more elastic for the little beaded rings, I'm out of the tinier clear kind and the white that I have is just too bulky. I had to use it for the slytherin bracelet and I can't say that I liked it. It works and it's functional, but not nearly as pretty as I would like. I also made a gorgeous Gryffindor colored one for my spoilee, but I'm not posting it so that she gets to be surprised. (There are pictures on y Flikr account though... if anyone is clever enough to get there to see the pictures I won't care.)

I also finished my pink scrunchable scarf about a month ago. Not in time for my trip to San Francisco, like I wanted, but it's done it time for the 90+ degree heat. (I'm joking, obviously.) I'll have to wait until next winter to wear the scarf. It's very beautiful though... Pictures are on my raverly account. I'm having some uploading issues today.

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