Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crazy Times

Due to unforeseen circumstances involving work, family, Mauricio, Rocky and internet usage I've not been able to blog much.

In the area concerning my knitting, I've not got much to show, or talk about for that matter. The only thing I've really worked on is my Rosalie Bay. It's coming along rather well. I'm in love with it. :) It's pretty mindless so I can work on it while I watch tv or am talking to someone or am so tired I can't really concentrate much.

I had to re-cast-on Titania. She was going to end up much much too small if I kept on the way that I was. I've not gotten past the ribbing yet on the new sock, but hopefully this on will fit.

For scarf travels (which is what I've been spending most of what free time I've had for knitting to work on) I've done 3 sections for each group, since I've last updated with any photos. I've also completed the entire round of sending and receiving for group 5. YAY!

Here are pictures of my newest knitted sections:
(Ones for group 3 are in the top row, ones for group 5 are in the bottom row0
For more information on whose is whose or patterns see: Group 3 Spoiler Photos and Group 5 Spoiler Photos
This is a mosaic of my scarf that has come back to me and all of the individual sections of it:
Here is a mosaic of all (minus on I didn't snap a picture of) the sections of scarves that I knit for group 5. (For more information see Group 5 Spoiler Photos)

I've also gotten some (more) new sock yarns. Claudine (black/teal/green/purple) and Pam (pinks) came for the August shipment of the VSC. I also bought some new handdyed yarn at Knit Las Vegas when I went there with Aynsley. I love how bright that one is! :) I need to get to the sock knitting!

In HSKS8 news:
Last week I received an awesome WWW! It really made me laugh, which was greatly appreciated in a stressful time. :) Thanks! Cassie C. :)
(See below, you can click on it to get a better look)
The day that it arrived in the mail Luke happened to be over. Mauricio came home and brought the mail with him and said, "Who's Fluer Sweeting?" And when I answered, "Me. That's my Harry Potter name." Both he and my brother cracked up. Apparently it's that funny. :) LOL I put on my new curse free ring on a certain finger and showed it to them both. ;)

(I almost think I'd rather have the diamond and 100 years of sleep, especially if I don't have to age in that sleep... and Maybe I'll just make Rocky sleep too, that way when i wake up I won't be lonely. LOL)

That's it for now. I should be blogging more regularly with any luck.

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