Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finished Ishbel!!!

Right now it's blocking... And I'm buying wires on payday. Because pins are evil... They are evil time consuming tedious evil little bastards. I'm happy for my shawl though!!! :)

BTW: This was a 16 day project from start to finish, I amaze myself sometimes. I've never knit so fast ever.


Ronnica said...

psst... Hey... Are pins evil? I couldn't tell from your post... ;)

Aynsley said...

It's sooooo pretty!

Lucy said...

Yes, Ronni they are evil... EFFING evil.

Thank you Aynsley.. It's still not dry though. GRRRR!

Free Range Chick said...

Good for you getting it done in 16 days. It is very pretty.