Sunday, November 8, 2009

A knit update :D

It seems I haven't had one in a while... Or I have, but I was SUPER successful with knitting time this weekend since I'm now on crutches and sick of limping around with them, so I stayed home all weekend. I have Veteran's Day on Wednesday to do the same thing. Work has thrown a monkey wrench in my weekend knitting though by deciding to have stupid company cocktail party. :P

I've finished Elanor's knitted items. FINISHED... Knit, Wove in ends, Blocked ... DONE! I really like them too. As does everyone who has seen them either finished or in progress. :D Hopefully Elanor will too! Now, I just need to assemble the rest of the kit and get the EXTRAS all in order. :D

I've picked Percy back up. I managed to get 5 rows done yesterday night before I got too tired. LOL If I stick to my planned "schedule" I should be able to get the majority of my Christmas gifts and Percy, and my new socks done by December. YAY!

Pictures of my newest socks, the Black Hearts. Perfect for any member of the Molotov's murderous girl group. :D I maybe watch this cartoon WAY too much, but I do love Molotov. And the Black Hearts. So what better way to use my new almost black Sundara. :D

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