Sunday, January 31, 2010

Excellent ...

I did have this fabulous plan of how I was going to blog more and how that was going to show off my knitting that I had been accomplishing and how I ha gotten so much done... and well, that worked out not so well. Not well at all. I haven't finished anything. I haven't even accomplished much, really. Seriously.

Here's how the week pretty much went: I knit pretty furiously and exclusively on herbivore (Which I decided to title segosaurus rex... get it? they were herbivore dinos... ROFL) for Sunday and Monday... THEN tuesday I was sick... REALLY sick. Then Wednesday Mauricio was kind of sick, and he was home from work and I knit much less when he's home with me at night. Thursday I spent out with Mauricio's mother ... Then Friday I was so tired from a week of diseases and being out and the nerves and drama involved in the planned termination of an employee for Friday morning that I pretty much was useless at night. Today I ran errands and went to Maddy's birthday party. :D

Anyways, I'm REALLY hoping to finish up my herbivore tomorrow and have an FO. Then I'll go back to socks... Boy, do I need to use this ever growing sock yarn stash. Mauricio just now realized that the majority of my yarn was sock yarn... All I could say was, "Yea, but I don't have to use ALL of it for just socks, I could make more stuff" ...

To close this out here's a picture (I hate blogging without a picture) of my newest yarn. It's the benefit of being some of the only people in town that a 6 year old knows, we get party favors. AND I got Eleanor Rigby Sock yarn. It's pretty and Beatles named and MCN. I love it! :D

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