Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've had a trying few weeks. It's been a super busy October and I'm happy that it's November because it's finally time to STOP. No more trips. 3 paid off of work holidays. It's going to be a good month.

Luckily in October I had swap packages arrive. Swap packages bring me great joy and these 3 were no exception.

First I received 2 on the same day!!! 1 from Kesten in the BSG FPB group for th Swaptober Spooktacular:

The 2nd was my Autumn Scavenger Hunt package from MarthaG in the Stop Swap group 

Today I got my Malabrigo swap package from Chaylaura! I am in LOVE!!!
A Project Bag and lots of Knitting Notions and Goodies
A cowl. Knit For Me. And it'll match my green coat. My green coat is one of my favorite coats, and it's SO GREEN that it can be tough to accessorize. 
New books! One for knitting, One for reading. AND Mor cables for my interchangeables!

My yarns! (2 skeins of Malabrigo twist in Sunset and 1 skein of worsted in hollyhock)
My coffe mug (that was filled with VIA coffee packets
And a handmade/local-made soap
Swaps make the rough days better and they make me appreciate all my yarn and my knitting and my Ravelry. :D I'm going to get off the computer now and go pet all my yarns. :)

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Lisa said...

Packages from Martha are great! I love the last package too! And yes, swap packages do have an awesome way of making a bad day end so much better!