Monday, February 21, 2011

Laundry Day

Socks Hanging Out
I did all my handwashing this morning. I just love the look of all my hand-knit socks hanging up to dry. :) The picture was so cute I decided to blog.

When I was washing and then hanging them up I had the thought of "I really need to knit myself more socks. I love these." Then IMMEDIATELY grumbled. I still haven't gotten the "sock-knitting-mojo" back. I'm sure it'll get there. I've been trying to get myself to spend a certain amount of time each day on sock knitting. As in "okay while I watch this 45 min episode of [insert TV show here] I'll ONLY work on this/these socks. Hopefully a sock will be done soon. ;)

While I'm waiting to catch sock-knitting-itis, I've definitely been hit with start-itis. I CO My So Called Scarf in my Manos. I'm not loving it though. It's not giving me the look that I wanted for a solid scarf. I am 90% I'm going to frog this and re-start with a different pattern. When I did some pattern searching I really like all of these (ravelry links):

Prismatic Scarf
Parallel Lines
    At any rate I'm sure that I'll be frogging and restarting with one of those three patterns. I've been thinking about the Prismatic and Parallel Lines as options for a while. I only discovered Striata recently. It looks a lot like the Prismatic scarf so that may be why I like it so much.

    I'm off to enjoy my holiday day. We're having "Brinner" tonight as a popular request by Logan. I've also got some errands to run. YAY! Three day weekend.

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    Lisa said...

    Love the sock hangers.....I have a ton of these that I was about to donate to the goodwill...perhaps I need to rethink and keep a few.

    I hope our mojo returns soon....I seem to have lost it in January and it is trying to come back. I too also have a SEVERE case of start-itis....

    Sending good vibes!