Sunday, March 20, 2011

I cannot believe it's the middle of March...

February and these couple of weeks have been crazy. They've been epically stressful with family. My grandmother was in the hospital. My uncle died. I've been SUPER busy with work. Just craziness all around. I've not knit anything. I've not read anything outside of comic books, because honestly, I don't have the patience or time for much else. I also currently only have LARGE and/or complicated projects which require too much thought process at this current time.

Comics are perfect because they're short and have a lot of pictures. It's been fun too. I used to only read a few but now, I'm addicted to the comics for the entire bat-family. Batgirl is my absolute favorite. I think it's because she reminds me of Buffy. And I miss my Buffy comics.

The batman history according to Stephanie Brown:
(I super love these drawings)

That's it for now. I super cleaned the house yesterday, maybe I'll knit on something today. :-D


Amy Darsie said...

I love a good comic. I used to read them all the time! My favorite was always 'Preacher'. Have you read that one.

I'm so sorry to hear about all of your pain and loss. I hope that the new season will bring new and wonderful things for you!

Lucy said...

I freaking loved Preacher! I have all of those at home too. My LCS owner actually proposed to his wife via a Preacher comic, so that was cool. LOL

It's only recently that I've left reading the "Indies" and started in on Marvel and DC.

Also "Y the Last Man" was the greatest series ever written. ;) You know, if you're looking for a new one to read.

Lisa said...

My thoughts have continued to include you and your family. I trust that things are settling down a wee bit.

Never was much on comics but I may just have to check out this Preacher thing....especially since you and Amy both love it...