Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bright and Sunny

A couple of weeks ago I started the Budding Shawlette to knit with my bright sunny yarn that I dyed with kool aid last month. This project FLEW off my needles. Almost literally. I love the end result. 

Rocky didn't exactly appreciate the lack of attention he got during the knitting of the shawl, but he doesn't appreciate anything less than 110% of my attention focused on him, so that was to be expected. 

I actually ran out of yarn during the last chart and used some leftover Malabrigo sock to finish the shawl. The pink was a good match, so that worked out perfectly.

I used US7/4.5mm needles, and did 12 repeats total of chart #2, and repeated the last 4 rows of chart 3 an additional time. The shawl, with the added Malabrigo took ~502 yards total of yarn.

I used both beaded charts (the simple and the complex options) and also used three different colors of beads to add to the gradient effect of the yarn.

  • Repeats 1-2 of chart 2 had no beads
  • Repeats 3-6 of chart 2 had gold beads and used the simple beaded chart
  • Repeat 7 of chart 2 had topaz beads with pink lining and used the simple beaded chart
  • Repeats 8-10 of chart 2 had topaz beads with pink lining & used the COMPLEX beaded chart
  • Repeats 11-12 of chart 2 had pink and used the COMPLEX beaded chart
  • Chart 3 used pink beads, and the complex beaded chart. Rows 11-14  of chart 3 were repeated.

The only thing I wish that I had done better is my bind off. I bound off with larger needles, and used a stretchy bind off, but my bind off is still really tight. I must have been stressed/distracted/hurried/etc when I did my bind off. My points at the border are pretty much non-existent, but that's okay the end result is still so beautiful.

My end result is a shawl that measures 27" down the spine with a 63" wingspan

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Shanti said...

Hi - I've been exchanging PMs with you on Ravelry about your househunting - send you one today with a house that isn't advertised online that I can tell, but walked past it on my way to the grocery store this afternoon. Don't know how often you check Rav, so I checked your profile for your blog. Beautiful yarn dying, BTW!