Sunday, July 20, 2008

My 2 latest knitting projects

I haven't updated in a long time.... (I just recently added some posts from my other blog to this one, to make up for it.) BUT my new goal is to at the very least blog once a month. So here it goes.

I've got 2 projects that are currently OTN that I am actively (or actively-ish in one case) knitting.

The first is a banana republic knock-off hat. (Link goes to the ravelry page) I saw the pattern and thought that it was absolutely beautiful and that I had to have it. (I also saw the extremely over priced hat at banana republic  and decided I was happy to be a knitter.) I did some slight modifications to it... For one I used size 13 needles, last time I tried to knit lion brand thick and quick with 10.5s it was way way way too tight. I also only made the brim as wide as the button so that my button would look neither too large or too small. I've yet to actually take a picture of it and it has been more or less held up by me. I just need to finish decreases and close up the top, but I've yet to do it. My goal is to finish today! (I'm setting a lot of goals in this post. haahaha)

The second project is Veronik Avery's Lace Ribbon Scarf from the spring knitty. I fell in love with this scarf when I first saw it and cast-on yesterday/friday/i don't really know when my weekend has blurred together. I had some trouble at first and had to frog it and rip out rows and switch needle sizes.... Now I'm halfway through the first repeat and some of the earlier rows look a little goofy, but it's coming along. And looking pretty good. I'm using Lorna's Laces in hawaii. (Link to my ravelry to show off the colors.) The colors are just so pretty and so perfect. If I don't mess this up too bad it'll probably be my favorite scarf ever.

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