Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm being a "growd up" LOL

Or at least that's what Ronni called it. hahaha

She started a new "scarf travels group on Ravelry and I'm helping her moderate it and keep it organized. I'm excited about the group it should be pretty fun. She hasn't need too much help yet though. :) We've got 42 of 50 available spots filled up so we'll see how much longer that stays open. :)

EDIT: Also I haven't gotten Bravo yet... The woman I'm adopting from was sick, and then I was sick... So I'll be calling he again to arrange everything. I'm excited. Lukey brought puppy Sirius over last night and I played with him. I love doggies. :)

EDIT part deux: I promise a more knitting=oriented post will be coming soon. With PICTURES!

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