Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Day

I had one of those very horrible, no good, very bad sort of days... It started full of optimism and was crushed by a car accident, waiting on highway patrol, spilling coffee on myself, and work being le suck... but in the end it worked out okay. I got my new doggie. I love him and he is super cute and super smart...

Here's a picture of him. It's not the best because it's from my iPhone, but I'll get more. :)

He and Rocky are a little skittish with each other, but they'll adapt. :) Bravo is used to a little bit wilder play and Rocky has gotten used to being on his own... They're getting along though... Rocky isn't hiding behind me like he does with Sirius. 

Also I know that this isn't the promised knitting post, but I'll get around to that. :)

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