Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project Updates and New Yarns (with Pictures!)

First of all we'll start with my projects and the very little progress that I have made on them... ;) Moving takes a lot of time so... yea, not much knitting has gotten done.

Here is a picture of my latest knitted section on the latest scarf that I had for group 5. I should say here's a a small picture of the section that I have knitted. Twin256 has a vertically knit scarf. it's turning out to be very beautiful.

For twin256’s scarf
PATTERN: lace pattern of my own,
only added 4 rows since the scarf is knit the long way.
NEEDLES: whatever was provided
YARN: Lion Brand Wool Ease - Peacock

Right now I am working on knitwitty26's yellow scarf. Since yellow doesn't rank in my top 10 favorite colors, I'm really happy that I had some buttery yellow Cascade 220 to use for this scarf. I will have that section in the mail on Friday so I'll get a picture up sometime near the end of this week. :)

I have finished my first Monkey!
I am so excited for these socks to be finished. I took pictures this morning and have done 2+ repeats since. I also frequently walk around with only one sock on just because it's so so so pretty. Even my mom said it was pretty, and she rarely compliments my knitting. She would rather I cross stitch or make hook rugs so that she could use them to decorate. Mostly she gives me a hard time, but she really liked my sock(s). :)

RIP glynis
She's gone to the frog pond. :(
They weren't done for the KAL. That is actually as far as I ever got... Between Mom's birthday and moving and officiating and work and the millions of other things going on I never got very far. I am a little glad that I didn't though because they were too tight and too small for even my tiny feet... *SIGH*

The next sock project that I'm casting on for June is going to be Titania's Revenge with my diva yarn. I am insanely excited about this. I've been wanting to do these socks with this yarn for forever. I'll be casting on by tomorrow, and have more progress pictures at the end of the week. :) I should hopefully get these done this month. I signed up with them as a June project for the BSG group that I joined, I'm also doing the "June Jumble" with the cookie-a-long group, and kind of KAL-ing with Ronni... So those are a TON of motivational factors.

Also for the previoulsy mentioned BSG group I'd like to submit a lacy stole/scarf project for the Raider training (I signed up as a cylon, naturally). I'm torn between two of these at the moment and I really need to make up my damn mind. Which, is practically impossible on a good day, but there you go....

I either want to do the Three Sisters Scarves # Two with my seasilk that Ronni gave me or the Red Skies at Night scarf with my newly obtained volturi yarn. (I made screen shots for pictures for the visual aids.)

I really REALLY REALLY like both projects. The biggest pros for the seasilk scarf are that it's a pattern designed for 1 skein of EXACT yarn that I want to use. So I wouldn't have to worry about yardage or trouble in that area. Plus, I'd get to use my super super pretty soft seasilk... The pros for red skies are that I'd get to use some of my VSC yarn. I REALLY like this patteren, and I think that it would be beautiful with the volturi colorway. The problem with it is I will need to swatch and adjust the pattern to use all the yarn. The pattern as is only uses 200 yards of sock weight yarn, and I really have no use to have 240 yards left over. Plus I want the measurement to be both wider and longer. Either way it'll be a big undertaking and I'll have to make myself knit a certain amout every week so that I actually finish. I will probably ponder and mull this over for a couple more days and then make my decision. If anyone else wants to weigh in, I'd be more than happy for the opinions.

(Which is my personal favorite part of the post.)

For this month's (May) nefarious:

Xenia Onatopp
on the Lyra (100% superwash merino) base
SWAG: wooden knitting needles from Russia, and a mini yarn skein (Also a piece of chocolate, but that was a melty gross mess that never got opened. What can I say it's 100 degrees outside here...)

The June VSC shipment...
Shipped out early because Jen is so awesome.
(Though this most likely means I have to wait over a month for my next shipment.)
I apologize for the ack of natural light in these pictures, the photos do the colors no justice at all. But the sun is down and I didn't want to wait until tomorrow.

This month I have Volturi and Jasper Hale on Silk Sock base.
(Listed as pictured from Left to Right.)
The pattern this time was "Volturi Sock" pattern, I've not gotten a good look at it yet. The shipment went to my mom's house and I barely got home from there. I also got swag this month, a little stitch marker from "bananamigraine," a horror movie soap with Bella and Edward from the twilight movie poster (I just wonder what Mauricio will say if I leave that in the shower. hahaha), and a pen that says "I <3>

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Caffeine Girl said...

Congrats on your Monkeys. I'm wearing mine today -- with Birkenstock sandals so that people can see them!

I am struggling with Glynis and have it in hybernation at the moment.