Monday, February 8, 2010

New Projects!

So, I had this great plan that I would blog more and set my goal at a measly once a week. Did you see that awesome blog post last week? Yea, me neither. I totally missed it. (I post that in some form the beginning of every week, and probably will continue until I actually start posting more.)

Anyways, I'm trying to blog more, so I'm writing this quick and probably pointless little blurp to say that I have been knitting, albeit very little because I've not been home at all and had a horrible week of work last week. (Really it was horrible... Everything broke; I had an employee refusing to listen; So many messes and I was drowning in them.) So very little progress has been made. However, I did finish my herbivore shawl, and it's beautiful. :)

Stegosaurus Rex
PATTERN: Herbivore by Stephen West
YARN: Malabrigo Sock

I loved this pattern, and this yarn. The marriage of them together is now one of my favorite shawl/scarves/etc. I've won it two or three times in the week (?) it's been finished. So pretty! I really want to buy more Mal Sock in Persia, also. I feel like that color was MADE for me. MUST have more. Anyhow, I plan on knitting this pattern again in the not so distant future, just you know, with a different yarn or color. ;)

I've recently been bothered by cast-on-itis. I've got multiple projects ready to go. The yarn is balled... I'm "patiently" waiting for ravelympics... When I'll cast on everything, finish nothing, and completely forget my WIPs. ... So, I'm making a list now to hopefully help me actually finish some things and prioritize. The list is mainly for me to try and wrap my head around my own goals.

Things I'd like to finish during Ravelympics:
(Note a '0' as a number means I'm undecided on it for the Ravelympics but the ambitious person in me that apparently thinks I don't sleep says "DO THEM ALL")
  • WIP0: Ronni's Socks (BFFs in Ronni's Jewel Box) - don't qualify for ravelympics, but I'm adding them anyways
  • WIP1: Mauricio's Socks (Boyfriend Socks in Darth Vader) - 1 sock done, 2nd sock 2/3 of the way to the heel
  • WIP2: Percy Shawl in Sweeny Todd - I've done two rows of the second 'B' repeat ... really almost done
  • New Project 0a: Cascadia Socks in Happy Go Lucky - my first RSC project
  • New Project 0b: Afternoon Delight (knee highs) in Wollmeise 100% Sonne w/ gold beads - I'm a little scared of this one actually. I keep waivering on whether or not I'll do it. I WANT to do this b/c I made a personal knitting goal this year to try new techniques and the beads are definitely new.
  • New Project 0c: Matter & Void (fingering wt Clapotis) in FFTC Alice - Stalling b/c I'll need to alternate 2 skeins every few rows and I'm just not wanting to and being lazy. Seriously the balls are wound and my needle is sitting with them and stitch markers!
  • New Project 1: Butterfly Socks in Knit it Up! Silky, Sunflower - for the Monarch
  • New Project 2: An Unoriginal Hat for myslelf - I've given nearly all my hats away.. This one is black/pink and white so it'd "match" my clapotis if I'd just do it
  • New Project 3: Traveling Woman Shawl in Gout of the Dick - I'm so in love with the matching of this project that it has killed me to wait
Other projects I'm looking forward to:
A lot of which I've got yarns picked out for because, well that's how I do things. And I've got enough yarn to knit nearly any one skein project I can think of. That won't stop me from buying more though. ;)
  • Action Junkie Socks (Poppy by Cookie A. in my HH Holmes Yarn)
  • Ro-Boy Socks (Pyroclastic in Knit it Up! SeaWool)
  • A 2nd Ishbel in one of my Ella Rae Lace yarns
  • Socks for Aynsley (I'm thinking Trilobite)
  • Sleepy Hallow socks, Yarn Harlot sold me on these with her post last week... I'm itching to knit these socks
  • Felted Tessellating Fish Mat
  • Baudelaire by Cookie A
  • Maelstrom by Cookie A (in DIC Starry, Midnight Derby)
I apologize for bad project and yarn referencing/linking. I'm at work, and not nearly as knitting efficient here. I've got the accounts payable and all the personnel files in PERFECT order though.

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