Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Birthday (and more)

I am not blogging about my own knitting today... Not that I'm in a fight with it or anything, I just wanted to brag a little bit about how awesome my best friend is and how awesome of a birthday gift she got me.

I love Mad Men. It is very easily one of my personal top five shows. I love it. I rewatch every episode abotu 30 times on the DVR I have blue rays for all three seasons and they've all been watched multiple times. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

With my love of this show there are a few facts:
  1. I'm in love with Don Draper
  2. I really really dislike his wife (though I find her hilarious)
  3. My conclusion is I want to be (one of) Mr. Draper's mistress.
So having said my conclusion to Ronni SEVERAL times, she created my birthday gift themed around the mistresses of Don Draper.

  • Allen Ginesburg's complete works (Midge, the pot-smoking, beatnik illustrator)
  • Peaks Island Hood - which we need to put buttons on (Rachel Menken, the Jewish business woman)
  • Crystals and Shell Charms (Bobbie Barrett, wife of Jimmie Barrett insult comment -- they go to the beach at Stony Brook and end up wrecking the car)
  • A Knitted Apple (Susan Farrell, Sally's former teacher)
Supposedly spoilers say Don is going to have trouble with his love life next season... I'm around though. ;)


WIPs Updates: (I KNOW they need pictures, I'll work on it):
  • I am more than half way done with my clapotis. Officially. I have a goal of doing at least 1/2 a repeat (6 rows) EVERY night, sometimes I do more. Sometimes it's the weekend and I marathon Mad Men and knit 5 repeats. It all works out
  • My Malabrigo Rios blanket. I'm thinking seriously about ripping out and restarting with a different needle size. I'm not totally in love with i as is.
  • Scylla Socks -- at the heel. Should really just suck it up and finish
  • Traveling Woman - has seen some progress! I'm sleepy, my clapotis is getting a bit to big to carry around and so I work on this at Ronni's. I'm still in the stockinette section.
  • MARCH RSC socks... I have two toes. I'm debating ripping out and doing slip jig instead of secret garden.
  • My Cheshire cat socks... About 2 or 3 repeats into the foot pattern. Haven't given them much attention. BUT oh man do I love color. (Malabrigo Sock in Light of Love)
  • Ronni's BFF socks - Still only one sock finished HAHAHA
  • Percy - Let's not talk about it. I'm actually really thinking I'd like to farm this out and find someone to finish it for me. They'd get paid in yarn.


I'm not going to bother with my newly instituted "BEST LAID PLANS AND ALL THAT" section this time. I've got very few plans. Other than to finish WIPs and knit with yarn I own. (Meaning I'm on a 'stash diet,' with the understanding that all good diets need a break or two occasionally.)

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