Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Metric - Black Sheep

So... I'm a very passionate person. I will be totally obsessed for a thing for a while and then I move on. That's why I occasionally gather so many WIPs. Really... It's just part of who I am. I'm either all in or not at all. This is especially present with songs.

See, a "long" time ago, before the knitting and before getting older made me lame (J/K I'll NEVER be lame... or old) I was quite the music lover an music buff. I had friends that had a punk music website. I used to review cds before they were released, I used to interview members of bands I loved it was AWESOME.

PROOF me and Dave King of Flogging Molly
(I'm 16, sunburnt and tired as all get out.. BUT still one of the best days of my life):

Music is still a big BIG part of me as a person, although I've broadened my tastes to include more than the my original genre (punk). So I find myself becoming completely and TOTALLY obsessed with a single song. I talk about it to likt 3 or 4 people non-stop, and well I've decided to start blogging my song obsessions in addition to my knitting escapades.

Black Sheep by Metric
It's in the new Scott Pilgrim Movie. (In cas you didn't know I'm SCOTT PILGRIM CRAZED!!!) The movie is supposed to be more or less centered around this song. I kid you not I've listened to it about 17 time TODAY! I love this song!! I really LOVE this song.

In Knitting News:
I finished my Scylla Socks.
I'm also VERY VERY close to finishing my clapotis!!!!

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