Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My family

Yesterday my dad had surgery. I spent the morning worrying and the evening in the hospital. It wasn't MAJOR surgery and he's okay and he's home now. He'll be stuck in his chair and in recovery for a while, but he'll heal and he'll be better. He's been in a lot of pain so it was something that needed to be done.

I've been thinking a lot more about my family. I'm lucky to have the parents that I have. I consider my brothers to be my best friends. There are a lot of people who can't say that. My mom can't stand her siblings. My dad claims to only have 1 brother. He's disowned his sister.

I'm blessed with a family that I can call anytime. Literally anytime. I've tested that statement. A family that doesn't care that I'm a little strange, but also has no problem poking fun at me for it. A family that loves me. They are fun. They are goofy. They find my Harry Potter obsession endearing. They really are some of the best people in this world.

I know normally we all wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful, but I'm thankful for them now. I felt like I needed to say so. :D

A couple (maybe 3 weeks ago, I don't remember) we took a family mini-trip up to the mountains.We had a picnic, brought the dogs, hiked a little bit, and played half a game of dominoes. It was a lot of fun and I took a bunch of pictures. I meant to blog about this earlier but I forgot. Well, I didn't forget. I've been sick, and I've been busy so...

Without further ado... My pictures!

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Lisa said...

Family like that is indeed something to be thankful for regardless of the time of year.

Looks like the trip was fun too. The pictures are great!