Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colors and My Stash

For our "get to know your fellow" swappers post for this term of HSKS (this is the 12th, the 9th that I've participated in) it was determined that I have the largest stash in our group. You can see the post with my stash pictures here. (Or you can see a couple of the pics below... My Malabrigo cubby and my Wollmeise + Sundara FMC basket.)

A lot of the comments left on my blog were about how COLORFUL my stash is. I love colors. I love pretty much every color! I cycle for favorites depending on trends, seasons, my mood, pretty much anything. I can get triggered to a FAVORITE by seeing a shirt I like, or a flower, or a picture... ANYTHING!

Right now I am in love with ORANGE! I don't know if it's a subconscious want for it to be fall. I'm not sure where it came from. Normally I don't long for fall, being as it's the END of summer which is my favorite season.

 I have been fondling and staring at all my orange sock yarns. I cannot decide what I want to do with them or what I want to make. OR where to start. All I know is I WANT to cast on something ORANGE!

I've been looking at Stephen West scarves/shawlettes. Ronni gifted me the new one Pagona that is a preview for the upcoming West Knits book. Or maybe a Daybreak with orange and contrasted with a red or a yellow... Or a Red-Orange with a Yellow-Orange. Or maybe an Annis.
Not to mention a plethora of sock patterns that would work. I think making the Gin and Tonic socks in an orange and calling them my Tequila Sunrise socks. OR Anne Hanson's Flaming Desire, I've been in love with this pattern forever. OR MAYBE Phoebus Apollo, I've been hanging onto this pattern for a while.

In the meantime I'll continue to try and get some of these WIPs done while dreaming of the ORANGE project that's to come. (I'm heavily leaning toward Pagona.)


Amy said...

What an amazing stash! I'm also feeling the orange love, because I want autumn to get here so badly!

I'm gonna vote for the Anne Hanson pattern. Anything from KnitSpot is a good thing!

Lisa said...

I love the stash pictures! It is always fun to see how other people develop and cultivate their stash.

I love the picture of the orange skeins. Fall never really comes to our part of Texas, so I miss the changing of the leaves. All of the patterns look great but I vote for the Gin and Tonic pattern.

Can't wait to see which one you decide upon and then the FO!