Wednesday, January 19, 2011

... AND I'm Back

Alright so I've had it in my mind to get on here and post, but life happens. I've been out on the weekends (mostly to the movies nothing fancy), feeling exhausted from work (because of taxes and year end accounting), and having sinus-allergy trouble (that's because the weeks alternate between high 40s and high 60s = annoying)....

Tonight I'm finally blogging. I should be sleeping but I cut my finger and I can't sleep with band-aides and I don't want to end up with blood on my bed covers so here I am... Bleeding on my keyboard. Not really.

So I did make some Knitting Plans for 2011. I actually "swapped" 12 yarns with Ronni this year. At the
Ronni's 11 Yarns
Waiting to Be Returned to her and turned into socks
beginning of each month she gives me one of my yarns back and a pattern to go with it. Mostly we're going to try and pick patterns out of Wendy Johnson's Socks from the Toe Up because we both love Wendy and we both have the book. That little book tidbit we didn't really discuss until December and we'd both already set on the first swap so we'll see what happens next. :) I tagged the 12 yarns I gave Ronni in my Rav stash because I kept forgetting what I had handed over to her. I'm excited to see what she pairs the yarns up with. This really was a great stash busting sock club alternative. It's also much more of a surprise factor than just setting up my own personal sock club. I mega fail at those. I end up not liking anything I picked. Ronni knows me and my style and I've already forgotten almost anything I gave to her, so it's really like a random monthly club. With no shipping costs. AND I really should be able to knit a pair of socks a month. In theory. With dedication. I am about 90% sure I can finish these. I really hope I can.

My first pair of socks (for the month of January) are Janel Laidman's Peacock socks using my yatn I actually bought on my trip to Connecticut to meet Ronni in person. It's Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets Fine Merino in Diva. I am totally in love with the colors in the yarn... The picture that shows real progress is crap for showing the colors off. But it's from my iPhone in my crappy bedroom lighting. I've made pretty good progress considering I've not really knit all that much this month. I've mostly come home from work and gone straight to bed. My "start" picture shows the colors off much better.

So far this has been a really simple sock. The heel construction is something that I've never done before so I'll see how that goes. Hopefully it goes swimmingly. AND hopefully I finish in 11 days.

I've tagged the projects I'm making for our "sock club" with the same tag as the yarns. Or at least I plan too. I've only got one project up so far.

My first sweater is almost finished! All I have left to do for the Shalom Cardigan is the bottom edging. Weaving in ends and finding a button. I had hoped I'd finish Monday ... But that got pushed to Tuesday night. Then that got pushed to tonight. Then I decided I was tired and cut my finger and decided that tomorrow was definitely the finishing day. 

The sweater looks a little tiny when I lay it on the bed like that. But it's pretty on par with my other shirts, and it fits when I try it on, so my conclusion is that I'm a tiny person. :) I'm very excited about finishing a sweater. Even if it's all one piece and a really easy cardigan. I've got plans for at least 2 more sweaters that I hope to do this year as well.

I'm off now. My finger has quit bleeding and I am very tired.


Amy said...

I did a 'sock club' in 2009; picked twelve skeins of sock yarn from my stash and paired them each with a pattern. I placed them in individual brown bags and picked one every month.

I love Wendy's book as well! I'm working on the 'On Hold' socks right now for my mom.

The sweater is beautiful! I can't wait to see a picture of you wearing it.

Lucy said...

I tried the brown bag method and seriously failed at it. I'm hoping this way is more successful.

I love all of Wendy's patterns. Those are all the socks that I get done the fastest. I've only actually knit one pair out of the book and I didn't actually read directions so they don't actually look anything like they should. LOL

Hettie said...

I think I need to figure out something like this with my stash... queueing doesn't work for me and there aren't any local crafters for me to do this with. Hrm... must find solution to do this! I promised not yarn purchases until I've crocheted up at least 10 skeins. I'm at 3, almost 4 and have plans for #5...

I can't wait to see everything! Oh, and your Shalom is very pretty! I think that color is going to look great on you!

Luke said...

Ahh look at you my little accountant