Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I've not been having the best of days. And for the the second time I have to restart my knitted bag for the swap. (Sorry, Cynthia)... The first time, was my own fault... The second time is a disaster. Oh well. I'll get it done while I watch Grey's Anatomy season 3 tonight. YAY! for getting that in the mail. I can't help loving that show. It's a guilty pleasure, I know it's dumb, but it makes me happy... Anyway back to knitting... I'm excited that Jennifer D. has already sent my package out, and even more excited to receive it. (But that also makes me feel even worse that I have to restart the bag for my swap.) The only other knitted thing I've done anything with is casting on for Logan's Jayne hat. I was going to get that done pretty quick, but then disaster struck with the bag for my swap... When it's finished, I'm positive that he'll model for pictures... And my younger brother Logan is very fun for picture taking.

I'm off to watch Grey's and get some progress on the knitted bag.

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KnittyWitty said...

Lucy, I just read your post. Relax. Whatever you make, I will really love it. No Problems.
Your Pal, Cynthia