Saturday, September 22, 2007

My first installment of the "potter covers" yarn, and what to do?

The first installment of my potters covers yarn came Wednesday... I've been swamped with school and swim team drama, so I've not had a chance to post. I love it. The colors match perfectly. She even wrapped it in coordinating tissue paper. The second thing I did after opening the package was take the first book off the shelf to compare the colors. (The first thing was to read the pattern. I was excited to see what was picked for inspiration. I thought 'Hedwig' was a good pick too.) It's so pretty. The pattern seems simple enough. I actually pulled my knitpicks dpns out so that I could immediately start knitting it, but then I remembered all of my upcoming exams and decided to study instead. I intend on starting the socks immediately after the last exam finishes. School can be such a killjoy.
I took a close up picture of the cover art next to the yarn, just to prove how well the colors match.

I am a little torn though. I was going to start knitting the pattern and the socks that came in my kit from HSKS3... but I got so excited with this new yarn that I sort of mentally put them on hold... I'll figure it out.

Logan's hat should be finished this weekend, and I'll have pictures and more on that later.

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