Monday, September 3, 2007

The good, the bad and the unfinished

The good: My HSKS3 kit
I started the bag for my kit today. I'm really excited about it. I had the yarn for it already... Some of it was just scraps, so it took awhile for me to scrap a pattern together. I've ordered yarn and needles, and picked out a pattern for the socks. I've even gotten a couple of extra goodies. I just need to make some stitch markers and I'll have everything. I'd like to post some pictures, but the bag is barely started, and I don't want to ruin the element of surprise.
Both my downstream and upstream partner are excellent. (I even got a sneak peak!)

The bad and the unfinished: My Stupid Socks
In other knitting news: I will most likely frog and never finish my chesire cat socks. I hate striping. If I finish the sock I'm currently working on, I'll never make another. Basically I cannot see the point of finishing. Plus it's rarely very cold in Vegas. I have heavy socks for my coaching when I am outside the whole 2-5 weeks of really miserable weather that we have. And I already have slippers for the house. I rarely wear socks around the house to keep my feet warm, I wear my slippers... All of this babbling = me not ever finish the socks, and I will most likely be frogging them and starting a new pair that I can get really excited about.


CyanComet said...

Yeah I'm ususally really good at finishing things that I already have the tools to do it with like your bag I was going to get some cascade 220 to do it in but I was showing a friend all my new yarns and came accross the blue varigated that just seemed perfect so I went with that instead of spending $20 on the yarn and the needles to follow the pattern the way it read instead I did the Magic loop method, Which I don't know why I didn't think of it before and I'm pretty impressed with the bag considering I started it today at 4:00 and finished it by 8:00 I think it's quick and cute!

Lucy said...

I started it today at 4:00 and finished it by 8:00!!!
WOW. That is a fast knit....

I actually came across yarn for my bag when I was showing my cousin my yarn stash, because she was looking for something I thought I might have.