Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ravelympics 2010 ... More Medals for ME!

Project updates from Sunday night and Monday morning.

First, I have another Aerial Unwind: Hatmione the III

And 2nd, I made myself a hat just in time for the 70 degree Farenheit weather! Whoo! This wonderful little hat, did medal in THREE events though.

Okay, I'm tired, and I feel a bit under the weather so I'm off to eat a small dinner, shower, maybe knit some and go to bed. I'm beginning to worry that I maybe put to much on my plate for Ravelympics...

For the stuff that I have actually worked on, but not finished I have the following updates:
  • The Darth Vader Socks - I managed to finish a full pattern repeat last night; from my memory I couldn't tell you how much closer that puts me to the heel or a finishing deadline.
  • Percy Shawl - I have about 50 rows until I'm finished! YAY! Probably won't be working on this tonight. But I'm confident that I'll finish it at least. I think it won't look as pretty as it should, but it'll be finished.
  • Cascadia - I need to do the cuff on my first sock. While that is extremely exciting to be nearly finished that quickly I've stalled because I just want a ribbed cuff, not the pattern's cuff and I want to make the ribbing sort or flow into the pattern... So I've stalled until I figure that out. Maybe tonight??

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