Monday, August 30, 2010

Blech. (or not...)

So I hate Monday... I know that's a cliche, but I do. I also have been dealing with my brother and my boyfriend's angry-depressedish-bad moods, and when I add that to my general state of mind and the fact that I REALLY enjoyed my vacation and time with my friends, I can honestly say that now I'm in an angry-depressedish-bad mood and I pretty much hate the whole world.

BUT THEN I FEEL BETTER! Because I had good mail today. Swap package mail. :)
This came to me from Rubyringz in Texas for the Stop Swap group's "Summer Reading Swap." I am so happy and I love every bit of it. Especially that she sent me salsa. I LOVE LOVE LOVE salsas. LOVE them!

I also got:
  • 1 skein of handyed sport weight yarn in blues from Lizzie at the Upstairs Studio
  • A handmade soap... This is the best smelling bar of soap I've ever gotten. I may never use it. I may just sniff it.
  • Margaret Atwood's The Year of the Flood (Being the obsessive person I am, I read Oryx and Crake earlier this summer and found myself wanting MORE. Good news is, there is more! YAY!)
In other swappy news I'm planned to sign up for the next Malabrigo Swap, the next term of HSKS is starting soon AAAAANNNNDD... New missions are kicking of for BSG FPB (not a swap -- but I'm determined to get a lot accomplished during this.)

I think I should have a WIP-update post in my near future. Although that would involve some extra time and space for photos. Hmmm.....

That's all for now. I'm going to go and debate whether reading or knitting is a better use of my time.


Lisa said...

I'm glad that you liked everything! You see now why that soap is my favorite! I can't wait to see what the yarn decides to become!

Who knew you loved salsa...I could have had a field day with just that category alone....

I'm sorry that the males are mood killers (buzz kill as my daughters would say). Spend more time taking care of your needs and less dealing with them and make yourself feel better!

Lucy said...

Yes! I do love it! LOL

My boyfriend had made salsa yesterday too. I'l be eating salsa all week! Salsa on everything!

Amy said...

Oy - I am so far behind. It's Amy (deathbyyarn). I just realized that you had a blog when I read your sign up info for the next swap. Like I said ... last to know, as always.

Lisa is a great lady, one person that I've had the pleausure to get to know online for a while now. She surely spoiled you rotten!