Monday, May 30, 2011

I went on a Trip

I went on a two day trip. It was a whirlwind of a trip. ... At the SLC airport I ended up having a tweet convo with Ysolda. I'm still in literal SQUEE-SHOCK from that. I WISH WISH WISH I had checked twitter earlier I want to meet her so very bad. I even had 3 of my knit from her patterns in my bag. (Ishbel, Peaks Island Hood and Snapdragon tam). It was pretty much the trip highlight.

Anyway we went to Salt Lake City, UT, Tooele, UT, Wendover, NV, back to Salt Lake City, then to Jordan's Landing, then back to Tooele, then back to Salt Lake City again. Then finally to Tooele to sleep and then back to Salt Lake City to fly home. ... It was a busy trip. I didn't really sleep much. BUT I did do my best to take some pictures since that's been my blogging thing lately.

I packed. Rocky pouted because I kicked him out of my suitcase.

(This thing is BIZARRE. You should google it and read about it. I linked to a better pic.)

I brought knitting, but it's a secret project so all I'm showing to prove I'm knitting is my pretty little markers. :P These stitch markers are awesome though. I bought 4 sets and am so addicted to all 4 sets. Check out Crimson Orchid on Esty.

Mauricio and I gambled at the Montego Bay across from where his dad works. The place is LITERALLY all neon and mirrors. It's far out.

The High School Graduate with his brother and sister. (AWWW)
(And the reason for this trip of madness.

My purse broke, so I bought this new shiny bronze one. (Among other things.)

These are my bored and delayed at SLC shots. I love those shoes b/c they sparkle, they're comfortable and they show off my hand knit socks.  :)

 Airplane window shots. Before take off, and after takeoff.

 I had lunch with my mom to make up for her birthday being missed, and my two favorite little girls tagged along. I love them. They're the best children in the world.

To sum it all up I bought an awesome new fishy ring today (among other things). It's one majorly awesome ring.

P.S. I totally skipped my Mimos Monday tradition today. :(

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