Friday, May 13, 2011

My (yester)Day in Pictures

Yesterday I wanted to post "My Day in Pictures" ... BUT blogger was down so I didn't get to. So without further ado here is my yesterday in pictures.

Pretty Dress Day!
This is just the pattern... Whole res picture is unavailable.

New socks!
Knit by Ronni
Pattern: Peace Socks by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Cosmic Fibers Hercules
Colorway: Drucilla

My socks are all in my drawer, and are all clean-clean-clean
Not pictured: New Drucilla socks. (They were on my feet.)

New Wollmeise
I am a yarn HOAR :)
But I finally got PINK wollmeise
Colors from left to right:
Magnolie medium, Tutu medium, Klapperstorch, Maus alt, Maus jung, Natur

I'm going to try and get "My Day in Picture" posts up on a semi regular basis. At least it'll be something to look at. :)


Amy Darsie said...

Mmmm .. Wollmeise. I love the red/black skein!

I washed my socks last week, and was sad to discover that some were beyond repair. I guess its time to knit more!

Lisa said...

Jealous times a million.....I still don't have Wollmeise....