Monday, May 16, 2011

Saturday night and Today in Pictures

Saturday night at Yellow brick road. My favorite local classic rock cover band.

Brody -- the lead singer. He's leaving and we are not thrilled. He's too good to leave us. :(

We know the Band!!
Only Brody is pictured but seriously we've met the whole band.
In all seriousness a friend of mine (on the left) actually knows the band. Much to my very enthusiastic amusement. 

AND Today (Monday)! Minus the pictures that would prove today sucked as much as it did.
Mimosa Monday
 Knitting Pictures
My sweater is Almost finished! 1 sleeve left!

My Adorable puppies.


Lisa said...

Hold up there sunshine...who is the new puppy? I don't recall reading about him/her before....

Lucy said...

Rocky (the pug) is 8 and been with me since he was 4. I think mostly I write about him.

Bravo (the silver lab) is 3 and I adopted him. He mostly is my youngest brother's dog, but he loves me the most. When my brother moved in with me so did Bravo. He was a rally dog and the lady I adopted him from gave me all his ribbons and things. He's such a good dog.

Amy Darsie said...

Mmm ... Mimosa Mondays. I think that I could have used that, after the night at work that I had.

Cute pups!