Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Would I Do Without Ravelry?

My goal for the weekend was to finish my Elektra shawl. I got pretty close to done. I was binding off and I ran out of yarn. None of the yellows in my stash matched and it isn't like I have extra skeins of wollmeise just lying around for these situations.  I was debating ripping out my Bind off and re-binding off in an orange that didn't quite match my beads. That was my plan before I wised up and did a ravelry search. After a lot of swearing and freaking out I found someone destashing a partial skein of wollmeise in the same base and color. A couple PM's and a paypal transfer later and I have matching yarn on the way to finish the shawl.
If it weren't for Ravelry I would never have found someone else with this color of wollmeise up for trade/destash/etc. My orange options didn't quite match my beads. (See the picture if you don't believe me.)  I REALLY did not want to rip out my bind off. That sounded like my best option of bad ideas.  I was not a happy person.

Now I'm anxiously awaiting the destashed yarn to get here so that I can FINISH! I'll be stalking my mail like a crazy person this week.

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