Sunday, January 15, 2012

A long time coming ...

I'm finally sitting down to write a blog post. I had been busy and not blogging, then I struggled to come up with a way to write a post after the holidays.

On Christmas day my family lost Nana. Nana was my grandmother, for those not in the know. She was very important to me and such a large influence on my life. It's hard to talk to about her or even think about her right now without tearing up. I miss her so very much. She was just such an amazing woman. There is so much I could say about her and yet whenever I try to start I stall and I choke on my words.

So basically I've been a quiet hermit and leaving myself alone to my own thoughts and limiting my interactions with the human world. I really detest the "fake sympathy" and the "I'm sorrys" and the "It'll get easier" crap that goes along with telling people about loss so I've avoided it. I know all of those things, and they really don't make me feel any better. So let's just skip all of that, okay?

I'm planning on creating a small garden in pots in back yard as sort of a memorial to her. I've got to do some purchasing and some thinking as to where everything will go and then I'll get going on that...

In my knitting progress I have finished a TON of hats. Most of which were gifts or for swaps or were given away. See the hats below. There are still more hats that I made too...

Before Christmas and in the earlier days of December, I was busy. I attended the Hannukah festivals/shows for Ellie's preschool and Sara's school. Both were cute. I actually surprised Sara. She didn't think anyone was going to be able to go to her show. I also had a rather painful procedure done on my foot to remove plantar warts. (It's gross. AND it hurts like HELL.) I probably got so many hats done by being mostly confined to the couch.

On top of everything in my personal life I've been SUPER busy at work. With the missed days to grieve and all the holidays and all the year end reporting that I'm still working on I haven't really had a chance to come up for air. Which is fine. I can live through that. I've been stressed though... So I put myself on a yarn therapy regimen. More specifically a malabrigo therapy regimen.

I'm knitting a Liesl sweater in Malabrigo in the "Azul Bolita" colorway. I went for the wide neck option, did three button holes, and am planning on elbow length sleeves. The pattern is just what I needed to keep my mind sane. It's looking beautiful so far.

I'm hoping to get the body done at the very minimum before I have to go back to work on Tuesday. I also know it fits because I tried it on yesterday. I'm so in love with this project. I think my "therapy" is working.

I'm wanting to do a fingering weight scarf for my next project, but I haven't decided on a pattern yet... I'm still looking. I'm also concentrating on finishing my sweater.


Lyndsey said...

Aww Lucy, I do have to say I'm sorry for your loss. I am happy to see you blogging again! I can't wait to see your next projects.

Lucy said...

Well. I know it's not fake coming from you... Unlike some of the backstabbing witches that I work with. So thank you.

I need to try to blog more. It's a goal. Blogging actually encourages me to take more pictures to which I think is a good thing.