Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finished my Sweater

My sweater is finished... I think that it's perfect. I am honestly amazed I had buttons for the sweater too. It's rare for me to have any sort of buttons, let alone ones that are the perfect size and color without having ever planned on my sweater and my buttons matching. I could not have been happier to find those buttons. Saved me a trip out today.

I read several of people's comments about the pattern and their sweaters turning out too small, so I knit 1 size up than what I usually would knit (and lets not lie... I have put some weight on from the holidays) so it fits perfectly. I knit the body to be a bit long, but I happen to like my shirts to extend below my waist, although it did lengthen even further after I blocked it a bit. I am beyond happy with it though. It was perfect therapy and I'm perfectly happy with it.

I had Mauricio take my photo. In his words the sweater makes me look like a bird because it flows and because of the color... Which is better than the "sparkly like a vampire" comment I received on my last scarf.

Now it's time to move onto my next project, but I've yet to decide on what exactly that will be. I'm wanting a new scarf, but I'm also horribly tempted to make another sweater. ... OR I could alway finish one of the millions of WIPs I have.

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