Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My room is such a mess that I cannot find my camera to take any pictures of anything that I've been knitting. (Or my increasingly growing stash, and other WIPs that I found lying around.)

I didn't get to start my adventures in sock knitting last Sunday, even though I had planned to. I went shopping at the mall instead. I did find a tote bag that is my new knitting bag. It's actually huge enough to hold all of my needles and more.

I also started on a new hat, nothing fancy or exciting, but I wanted to do a hat. I hadn't in awhile and they're my favorite projects. This hat is going to get a matching scarf too. (I hope. Scarves tend to take FOREVER when I have to knit them.) It's super bulky weight yarn (the thick and quick that I bought Saturday) and on size 10.5 needles. I would have liked to use 11 or 13, but the circular needle kit didn't have a cable length short enough to get a 16" circular, and the 10.5 was the largest 16" circular that I had bought. So much for the cable needle kit ending my need for purchasing individual circular needles. (I've since bought both size 11 and size 13 16" Addi Turbos to prevent any future trouble.)

Hopefully, I'll find my camera soon.

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