Tuesday, March 16, 2010

End of March goals

So I'm forgoing two weeks right now and instead giving myself 2 1/2 weeks and until the end of March to finish/start/accomplish the following:
  1. Percy shawl - I've got beads and hooks and no more excuses
  2. The second Cascadia sock (or at least most of the sock completed)
  3. Through the gusset and heel of Monarch socks
  4. Through the stockinette portion of VD Awareness .... (It's a travelling woman shawl in my cosmic fibers gout of the dick... he he he he)
So we'll see if I can accomplish those. It's a bigger list than usual.

I *DID* finish the first of Ronni's socks in time. I've not photoed the sock yet though ... It is very very pretty though. ;)

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