Saturday, March 27, 2010

The silver lining of my sick week... YARN

So I had a rough week that consisted of having a fever and a head cold from hell. My entire office took turns being out for the most part. I did get a new nefarious yarn (Hillside Stranglers) in the mail this week and that cheered me considerably. :)

I'm supposed to be packing for next weeks move and I've not been doing a very job of helping or staying on task, so I don't want to waste MORE time blogging, but I do have some mosaics of my current WIPs... and recent stashes for you viewing pleasure.

I started my clapotis. I love it so far. It's a very easy project, now that I've gotten the hang of alternating with two skeins.

Here are the WIPs:
(heavily featuring my new clapotis because I am in love with it)

Here are my pretties:

X-Posting to "Dobby is my Hero" since there's a new term starting... Go Hufflepuff!

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