Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Week in Knitting, and Morning of Photos

The "2 weeks" plan has moved along swimmingly with only very minor setbacks. I'll tackle the 2 weeks plan 1 project at a time though.

For this current two weeks (which ends tomorrow night) I had "challenged" myself to two projects:
  1. Finish the first of Ronni's BFF socks
  2. Finish Percy
The first of the goals will be met with ease. I have no pictures of the new sock progress, because honestly it looks the same as the LAST picture except that the sock is just a bit longer in the leg. Not even kidding. LOL Ronni prefers shorter socks so I'll be binding off the first one soon and moving on.

Now for Percy (or as I call him Ozymandias), I WILL NOT finish. I have been knitting on the shawl that doesn't end, and I've even renewed my interest in the shawl! Here's how I managed to be re-inspired where Ozymandias was concerned.

Firstly, I am sort of thrilled with the idea of actually finishing and so that made me a little giddy and more inspired in my knitting of it.

Secondly, I have decided to add BEADS to the shawl instead of doing nupps. I am SUPER excited about my first beaded project. At first, I had decided that I'd use my silver beads that I already had, but it turned out that they were too small and I felt that the silver beads coupled with the silver in the yarn was too much silver. Plus, since I consider Ozymandias to be a villian (I love Watchmen.) and the yarn being inspired by Sweeney Todd, I wanted a more nefarious feel to the beads. I got this great idea that I should find black or dark blue beads that had the aurora finish so that they'd look sort of like oil or gasoline shimmering on asphalt. AND after searching I found the perfect beads and they arrived in the mail yesterday! ... The reason that I'm not finishing and that there is a itsch in this plan is that my crochet hook is apparently is too large even with the correct size of beads. :( SO I am waiting for Ronni to come home because she may have one. If she doesn't I'll have to go buy one. ... I have amended this section of the 2 week goal to be: KNIT ALL ROWS PRIOR TO THE FIRST ROW REQUIRING BEADS. I'm confident that I'll get there.

Here are some WIP pictures and some pictures with the beads. I'm not sure that the exact color and sheen of the beads is captured in the pictures, but it's as close as I could get.

Here is Ozymandias sans beads

And with beads

In Case We've Forgotten
PATTERN: Percy Shawl by Sanne Kalkman
PATTERN SOURCE: On-line, via Ravelry
YARN: Cosmic Fibers Ara Stellar in Sweeney Todd
NEEDLES: US 7 / 4.5 mm
SIZE: As written, with 1 A, 2 B, and 1 C repeat
MODS: Adding beads instead of Nupps

And for fun... Here's a shot of all of my new beads. I have some fun projects in mind for these.

In addition to work on my "2 weeks goal" projects I started work on a NEW project. This is a project I've been planning on FOREVER and finally ad a bad enough day where I decided to go ahead, cast on and bring myself joy in the form of Venture Brother villain themed yellow socks. ... That's right the MIGHTY MONARCH socks are finally on the needles, going two at a time successfully and they bring me such joy when I knit on them.

I feel as though I'll need either Fuschia or black tights to wear underneath the socks when they are done. Tight wearing probably last for the entirty of a FINSIHED SOCKS YAY! photo shoot and that's it, but you know, it'll look awesome. ;)
PATTERN: Butterfly Socks by Wendy Johnson
PATTERN SOURCE: Socks from the Toe Up
YARN: Knit it Up Silky in Sunflower
NEEDLES: US 1 / 2.25 mm
SIZE: Medium
(there's no small, hence the smaller than usual needles)

In other news I had a lot of FUN mail. Really! I got my new beads, my Sundara Napa Valley collection, yarnissma kits, and a loopy ewe order. Here are some pictures (minus the beads, since they were already shown that should make you a little green with envy. ;)

Sundara Napa Valley Collection
From Left to Right:
Grape Vine, Turning Leaves, Cabernet Grape, Aged Oak Barrel

(I'm so in love with all these colors, but given my recent GREEN loving mood, Grape Vine is my favorite)

Yarnissima Kits
I bought 4 in total; 2 for me and 2 for Ronni.
My two are Zur Lederhos'n and I ordered 1 kit with the Handu Flaming Sideburns and the Empoisonnée pattern. For Ronni I ordered Spina Di Pesce (which she's lucky I didn't open at the house, I'd have stolen it. LOVE that BLUE) and her own Zur Lederhos'n.

I love the kits! I love the presentation of them, the color coding, the little extras, the way it's packaged. SERIOUSLY I LOVE EVERYTHING about these kits. I now want ALL the kits, so I'll be working towards that.

My Loopy Ewe Package

I'm not going to say what teh pretties are. Just show them off. ;)

Also since I was being quite the shutterbug this morning I decided to photo my Sundara and Wollmeise "rainbows" since I've gotten a few new skeins today. They're very pretty.



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Veronica said...

Looks great! We need to pink up your Sundara rainbow though... It's so dark, it looks depressing! LOL