Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Newest Yarns!

Here are my newest yarns... I didn't need more, but I bought some anyways. I got a hold of some Noro, because it seems everyone raves about so I thought I'd try it out. I like the coloring, but I'll have to see how it knits up. There's also tons of sock yarn (mostly knitpicks, but I ordered a skein of the ravenclaw colors from dharmafey's cosmic fibers), some lion brand novelty yarns (fun fur for my furry slippers and some more ribbon yarn), malarbrigo merino chunky, and cascade 220 (in hufflepuff colors).

I also signed up for the potter covers sock yarn club, and the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 3.

I am positive that I now have enough yarn and projects to keep me very very busy. No more yarn shopping until my current stash is at least dented.

I'm planning on using the rest of this evening to work on my socks. I'm hoping to get the at least the heel done by the end of the week. I did a swatch to kind of get a gauge for my wrist warmers, but I'm wondering if I should knit them kind of like I would knit socks and use smaller needles. I'm not sure. They are definitely still in the "draft phase" of project making. (Meaning they'll stay on my brain at all times, until I figure out what to do.)

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CelticMommy said...

What a delicious stash of yarns! Just a quick hello and Happy Friday from fellow Ravenclaw, Hettie